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I love your tattoos! Do you have others? And do they mean anything?

You’re so kind! ☺️ I do have others! I have…quite the odd collection. I have (sort of) full sleeves, one on my left shoulder, tiny tattoos on each of my hands, those two on my chest, one on each side of ribs, and one on each of my legs. Each of them means something, but the easiest to explain are how my sleeves started: the lower half of my arms are covered in aquatic tattoos. I live by the beach; eight-going-on-nine years ago when we moved here it all but saved my life. It’s still true that whenever I go to the beach it’s a spiritual experience for me; and our nearby aquarium is one of my holy places.


 ℐemma Simmons week 

Day Four: Favorite Relationship ⇆ Leo Fitz


Kaylee Frye in 1x04 Shindig

I love how this is all about how Kaylee likes pretty things and is still just as competent as the ship’s mechanic, big fluffy dress or no. And even when she gets snarked at by the mean girls, she still wins the night because she finds people who appreciate her for her intelligence and aren’t judging her based on what she’s wearing.


[3/12] characters: Neal Cassidy

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